A craftsman is only as good as their tools, and at Kartona The Electric Speedway, we make sure you have the very best.


Our karts are manufactured from OTL in Italy, are electric, eco-friendly and specially designed to give you the best racing experience possible. Reaching speeds up to 45 mph, each kart handles with precision and finesse.


Our Junior Karts are perfect for young racers. Crafted especially for kids, these karts are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Adjustable seating, high-density bumper systems and 3-point safety harnesses make these karts the best option that youth can enjoy while remaining safe and secure on the track!


  Ages 8 through 12

  Minimum height of 48"



Experience true innovation when you drive our Storm EFD Karts. As the most technically innovative electric go kart on the market, the Storm EFD takes your racing experience to an entirely new level.


Reaching up to 45 mph, these karts offer drivers instant torque and optimal acceleration, as well as a realistic Formula 1 engine sound! With push-to-boost capabilities and paddle shifters, you will race like a true professional at Kartona with the Storm EFD. 


  Ages 13 and up

  Minimum height of 58"